Help to create more innovative, electronic scooter and other types of power-sport designs which make our dream to come in reality.In this growing world, our team provide creative and conceptual interior and exterior design using the sketches as well as the CAD to produce scale models.









Behind every hand own work at Mobot lies a passion for the work and satisfying feeling for the products we make. The passion we have for engineering will make as find more challenges and involve as in the technical process. We always learn thought practical. We’ll give the opportunity to prove yourself and make an impact. Mobot is involved in developing electronic scooter, batteries, and other equipment.



Design engineers are involved in all concepts of design, development, and the product quality. With the significance on technology excellence, they give out the idea from initial test state in such areas as component development production start-up and quality start and quality assurance.







Vehicle research engineering and material research engineers, have the opportunity to take part in performance evaluations for systems and materials while accepting responsibility to analyse, research and test the vehicle components. they give countermeasures as well. Our engineers test the scooter from the wet weather to the hot weather and in high speed to ensure the satisfaction of the consumers.








Mobot cultivates different set of skills in all its employees. We not looking for the people who is expert and experienced. we are looking for the people who can take the responsibility and take the ownership on both success and setback while demonstrating patience and flexibility. they take on challenge and solve by getting involved in to it.