What is Covered

Mobot warrants that each Mobot product that you purchase will be free from material and workmanship defects under normal use during the warranty period. The warranty period for a product starts on the day a product is received, or as may be otherwise specified by Mobot.


How to Obtain After-Sales Service

If a product does not function as warranted during the warranty period, you may obtain after sales service by contacting Mobot.
Additional charges may apply outside Mobot normal service areas. Please contact Mobot for information specific to your location.


What Will Mobot Do

Contact Mobot and specify your problem.
Mobot will attempt to diagnose and resolve your problem by telephone, e-mail, or online chat. If your problem cannot be resolved over the telephone, you may be required to deliver the product to Mobot for further examination. Mobot will arrange for service under the type of warranty service designated for the product under “Part III – Types of After-Sales Service” below if the problem with your product is covered by this After-Sales Policy. Otherwise, you may have to apply for customer-paid repair service.


Product and Part Replacement

When after-sales service involves the replacement of a product or part, the replaced product or part becomes Mobot property and the replacement product or part becomes your property. Only unaltered Mobot products and parts are eligible for replacement.


Use of Personal Contact Information

If you obtain service under this policy, you authorize Mobot to store, use, and your contact information, including name, phone numbers, address, and e-mail address. Mobot may use this information to perform service under this policy. We may contact you to inquire about your satisfaction with our service or to notify you about any product recalls or safety issues


What This After-Sales Policy Does NOT Cover

   This policy does not cover the following:

× Damage caused by unauthorised modification, disassembly, or shell opening not in accordance with official instructions  or  manuals.
× Damage caused by improper installation, incorrect use, or operation not in accordance with official instructions or manuals.
× Damage caused by a non-authorized service provider.
× Damage caused by unauthorized modification of circuits and mismatch or misuse of the battery and charger.
× Damage caused by operating the product at a weight greater than specified by instruction manuals.
× Damage caused by reliability or compatibility issues when using unauthorized third-party parts.
× Damage caused by operating the unit with a low-charged or defective battery.
× Failure of, or damage caused by, any third-party products, including those that Mobot may provide or integrate into the Mobot product at your request.
× Products or parts with an altered identification label or from which the identification label has been removed.


Your Other Rights

This policy provides you with extra and specific legal rights. You may have other rights according to the applicable laws of your state or authority. You may also have other rights under a written agreement with Mobot. Nothing in this policy affects your statutory rights, including rights of consumers under laws or regulations governing the sale of consumer products that cannot be waived or limited by agreement.