Introducing to you the Mobot Rex that features the strongest and fastest electric scooter. Build with two motors that could even go on uneven terrain. Rex is equipped with Dual Suspension to provide comfort. Mobot Rex offers you the experience of power and speed for on and off road

Double the motor for double the power – that’s all that really needs to be said. With a second motor, the Rex becomes a 2-wheel drive work horse. Having both wheels powered by dedicated motors means faster acceleration, higher speed and up to 80km in total distance per full battery charge. If you’re planning to hit the dirt track then having two motors will definitely get you over those dirt humps and loose dirt with ease. Whether off-road or on it, the Mobot Rex is a beast that, when tamed, will take you on an exhilarating ride.

Better have your helmet ready and brace yourself because this beast can go at high speeds. At a maximum speed of up to 55 km/h, you’ll be shortening your travel time by a hefty amount – we dare say half. You don’t get a Rex to take a leisurely ride around the park, you own a Rex so you can leave every other electric scooter eating your dust. We do, however, encourage being polite about it.

Slopes. The bane of most electric scooter owners, but not you. With the Rex, you’ll be able to travel uphill to a maximum gradient of 25 degrees and wonder if there was ever even a slope there. Going up and down hills will no longer be a tedious task for you! 

What is better than having a dual suspension on your vehicle? With a dual suspension, you will be able to get a more comfortable and less bumpy ride. The Dual suspension will also minimize the amount of shocks you need to experience when going through a bumpy road.