Cruise around with the Glazer e-scooter. Anticipate the full power performance and awesome energy battery capacity this e-scooter can provide. The elegant design and clean-cut mechanism is beyond compare and is the perfect partner for you. It brings you the ultimate thrill of ride with the amazing braking system that is engineered in Glazer which enhances more stability and safety.


The exterior design of Glazer is very clean cut and is not prone to dirt and rust because the set-up is well built on the inside of the e-scooter. The slim looking and elegent design gives user a whole new experience when riding this e-scooter. With the fantastic battery performance and charging hours, Glazer is the one for you


The design is circular and it is centralised in between the handlebars. It gives a unique and sleek look which fits the style of the e-scooter. It is also aesthetically pleasing and easily accessible for user to see, check or click on for battery percentage and speedometer.


To maximise the friction between the tires and road surface, to provide stability with good handling. Since e-scooters tend to vibrate a lot, the suspension in this e-scooter is very functional and enhances e-scooter overall performance. Not only it gives you comfort but also an ultimate control for your e-scooter.


Folding and unfolding e-scooter doesn’t have to be hard and it shouldn’t. Glazer is making it a cinch to fold and carry around wherever you go. Once folded, it is super compact making it a great choice if you travel often.