The excellent power built in Freedom Chaser’s motor can help you make every ride special. Given an impressive battery capacity, Freedom Chaser can travel far distances making it trouble-free for you. The front and rear disc brakes set up for your ride work incredibly and ensure you have a good stopping power. A very promising and amazing comfort ride throughout as it reduces vibration and able to maintain smooth and better control.


Fast RPMs means more efficient, more torque and more reliable, MOBOT Freedom Chaser equips with smaller and lighter motor but with the same power output of a larger motor. The high powerful 500Wattage will give a strong push towards slope and can have a greater load capacity compared to an average e-scooter in the market.


MOBOT Freedom Chaser is the latest new addition of a high performance electric scooter that revitalise the e-scooter industry with its unique features. The intelligent accelerator system enables the e-scooter to accelerate to its 3 speed setting limit, which the speed is being maintained throughout the journey without the need to press and hold the throttle after rider kick starts it.


MOBOT has worked together with its partners on creating the quality and durable lithium ion battery to ensure 1 single charge for longest distance coverage. Therefore, Freedom Chaser as a high-end e-scooter, has equipped with top end battery to live up with its reputation of being the beast of
endurance. Supreme battery quality and capacity ensure travelling distance up until 60km and result varies with riders’ load and terrain. MOBOT’s battery manufacturing division, equips with years of expertise and experience, to extend longevity in battery life.


For safety aspects, MOBOT Freedom Chaser equips with an Anti-Theft Alarm to warm off
potential theft if a slight movement or touch is made on the e-scooter. It uses remote key lock system to activate the Freedom Chaser and also allowing users to find the location of the e-scooter.


Taiwan’s popular branded Zoom disc brake is
installed on both front and rear tire. The rear tire has an additional enhancement of E-ABS e-Brake for double braking system. This is to ensure safety and shorter reaction time when come to a sudden halt. Speed is nothing without control, which high quality brake is needed when you want to go full throttle.