Meet Flexi, the e-wheeler that has a
solidly built motor and battery capacity which can cover your daily and far travel distances. You can depend on this e-wheeler for reliability and longevity as it is capable also support heavy weight and gives a consistent performance and steadiness. The rear disc brakes built in Flexi enable maximum stopping power when needed.


Mobot Flexi has a detachable battery where you can pop it out of the e-wheeler and charge it Mobot uses lithium ion battery which is the fastest growing and most promising battery system. It prolongs the life span of the e-wheeler and is environmentally friendly. The e-wheeler will be fully loaded in about 3 hours and users can start travelling happily again. It can be a whole lot easier for you to travel where you can have a productive day running errands or having some leisure time with this e-scooter.


The Mobot Flexi has a simple folding method that can save space in the comforts of your home. You need not struggle your way through as you can easily fold this e-wheeler in less than a minute. Subsequent times will be even faster! Since it is foldable, you can fit it in the boot of a car. Once you have unfolded the e-wheeler, you can simply lock it and the height is adjustable.


Good cushion of safety. Mobot Flexi uses pneumatic tires whereby the tire is made of an airtight inner core filled with pressurized air. By using these tires, it can help to absorb the uneven or bumpy
terrain on pavements. It also has a better contact with the ground which increases sense of safety for users. Pneumatic tires are made of soft rubber thread and shock absorbing ability. Elderlies can use them without causing unnecessary noises from the tires.