Things about ebike you should know before you buy

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Getting an ebike and wondering if there are any things to take note of? ebike or electric bicycle is also known as Power Assisted Bicycle (PAB) in Singapore. Though ebikes are fundamentally bicycles, ebikes are equipped with an electric motor and battery to provide assistance to the rider. As such, an ebike can accelerate faster than a conventional bicycle. Therefore, there are separate regulations governing its use in Singapore.

There are 5 things you must know before you buy an ebike in Singapore.

1) You must be 16 years to ride an ebike

Those below the age of 16 years are not allowed to ride on an ebike as a rider or pillion. In other words, you cannot use an ebike to ferry your kids to school or loan the ebike to your younger brother.
In addition, you must attend and pass a compulsory theory test before you can ride the ebike on public paths.

ZEBRA (BLACK9AH) LTA approved bicycle orange seal

2) All ebikes must the LTA type approved, affix with orange seal and registration number

Unlike conventional bicycles and e-scooters, it is impossible to purchase an ebike from Taobao or ebay and use in Singapore upon receiving. This is because all ebikes have to be type approved by the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

Did you knowWhat is type approval?

Type approval is a permission granted by the authorities to allow a product to be sold or use in the country.

Nevertheless, (officially) you can buy an unregistered ebike and bring it to LTA Authorised Inspection Centers (AIC)  for type-approval, sealing and registration yourself. But LTA has special requirements which are not applicable in other countries. Therefore the ebikes sold in other countries are most likely unable to fulfil LTA requirements.

Did you knowExample: Start-up assistance feature

LTA does not allow ebikes to have start-up assistance feature even though the EN15194 standards allows for this feature. Therefore, most of the EN15194 test reports will indicate the existence of start-up assistance feature which is not accepted in Singapore.

For ebikes in Singapore, the ebike has be certified to EN15194:2011, does not have start-up assistance mode, does not have throttle, motor output of 250W and below and weighs less than 20kg.

After obtaining type approval, every ebike that the importer brings in subsequently must be sent to LTA appointed authorisation centers (STA and VICOM) for sealing.

Did you knowWhat is sealing?

Sealing is a process where the authorised center affixed a tampered proof orange seal on each ebike. The orange seal has a unique identification number which will also be the registration number of the ebike.

Before the ebike can be used on public paths, you will need to first register it. Upon successfully registration, you must affix on the ebike a plate bearing the registration number assigned by LTA within 3 calendar days.

MOBOT ECO DRIVE (BLACK8AH) LTA approved ebike liscense plate

3) The seller must transfer the ebike to you within 7 days

Every registered ebike is tagged to a company, association or person. If you must brought a registered ebike, you must make sure the seller initiate the transfer process on LTA onemotoring within 7 calendar days of physically transferring the ebike to you. Upon which, you have 5 calendar days to login in to LTA onemotoring to confirm the transfer or it will lapse. Upon confirmation, there is a 11 non-refundable transfer fee payable directly to LTA via onemotoring.

4) ebike can be used on roads

ebikes are legally allowed to be use on roads, Park Connector Networks, cycling paths and shared paths. Ebikes are NOT allowed on pedestrian pathways.

If you prefer riding on pedestrian pathway, you can consider a conventional bicycle, especially a lightweight compact foldable bicycle from CAMP USA.

ebikes, like bicycles and e-scooters, are also not allowed on void decks and all common areas within housing estates such as playground, basketball courts, corridors, linkways etc.

LTA ebike rules and regulations

5) Helmet is compulsory

It is mandatory for ebike riders and their pillion to wear a helmet when riding on roads.

In addition, it is also mandatory to switch on the front and rear light in the dark.

Did you knowFailing to wear a helmet

First offenders may be fined up to $1,000 and/or 3 months jail terms.

All ebikes riders must adopt the safe riding practices to safeguard yourself and share the roads safely with motorists. Every user has a role to play to build a better path sharing culture.

Ride safe. Stay safe.

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