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Electric scooter rental from Vivocity to Sentosa


Electric scooter rental at Vivocity. Ride it around Sentosa.

Electric Scooter Rental: Over the weekend, one of our customers sent in a letter on her experience with our rent-a-scoot program. It was a pleasant surprise to us, that our rent-a-scoot program was able to give her another perspective about riding an electric scooter, as well as experiencing Sentosa in a whole new light. Therefore, this week, we decided to feature her letter in our news update.



*To Aqila, thank you for your letter. We always love to hear from our customers. Because of this letter, we had decided to give you an opportunity to bring your family & friends down to VivoCity and try out our rent-a-scoot program. Our representative will be in contact with you! (=


Dear Mobot,


So, I have seen many people riding an e-scooter everywhere in Singapore. My first impression was “Oh wow, that is so cool! I wanna try it too” Honestly, they look very stylish and awesome riding their e-scooters. I went online to see reviews and the different types of e-scooters available for rent. But, buying an e-scooter to me is a big commitment. The review was not enough to convince me. I had to try it for myself. I want to see for myself whether it will satisfy my requirements and needs. I want to be able to decide which e-scooter is the most suitable for me.


Having heard of electric scooter rental at Vivocity, I went down and tried out your rent-a-scoot program. I planned a weekend, brought my necessities and head down to Vivo City to rent my first electric scooter. The place can be a little bit hard to find at first. Mobot Rent-a-scoot is found at Giant level 1. It is near Vivocity level one taxi stand. The sales person was really pleasant and patient when I asked many questions. There were also many e-scooters with superior designs and they look very posh. I had a small learning session where I learn the basic operation and the easy process of folding and unfolding of the e-scooter. The sales person told me the rental price was $7.5/hr, full day (10 hours); $10/hr, half day (5 hours). I chose the half day ride, as I felt that half-day is more than enough for me.


Right after I rented the e-scooter, I went straight to Sentosa Boardwalk. I did not have to worry about the weather as there was shelter at the boardwalk. One advantage that I noticed after renting the scooter is that I did not have to wait for the Sentosa Express monorail for 15 minutes, getting squeezed out like sardine is not something I look up to. I was feeling very delightful because I did not have to be in that long monorail queue. I switched on some music to enjoy my ride even though it took me about 5 to 7 minutes to get to the first station. I reached Waterfront station where Resorts World Sentosa is located.

I took a break by taking some vain selfies with my e-scooter at Sentosa. I got on my e-scooter and went to Imbiah station. I enjoyed the smooth ride with my chill music. It was a lot more spacious when I was scooting around Imbiah area. I could feel the breeze and wind blowing my hair, as I scoot along the designated area. It was very beautiful. I took some pictures of the Merlion and other stunning views. Despite having been to Sentosa for a few times, I did not have the chance to explore Sentosa like I did with my rental electric scooter before.


When I reached Beach station, I decided to travel to Siloso beach first. There were pavements for people to walk and a small road for beach tramps to drive pass. Since they were many people walking and there were not many beach trams, I decided to scoot on the road (Sentosa is a private island, so scooting on some part of the road is possible). I took a pit stop at Siloso beach. I folded and carried my e-scooter along. It was light weight and I could fold the e-scooter in less than 1 minute.  I took more pictures of the beach and the beach scenery. The weather was great and the clouds shifted around. My scooter battery life had not drained much and my e-scooter was still at an incredible battery level.

I planned to go to Palawan beach which is the other side of Beach station. I took my time with my e-scooter to enjoy the ride. It felt very different than a normal bicycle. I did not need to paddle so hard. As I drove passed GoGreen Segway station, I realized that many of the Segway patron was looking at me scooting pass them in awe. That add, another plus point for e-scooting around in Sentosa. The view at Palawan beach was breath-taking. I took more pictures so I can keep it as good memories. I was very satisfied with the whole journey. I love scooting around Sentosa with my cool e-scooter while listening to my favorite music. It was definitely a getaway.


Initially, I thought renting an e-scooter was very troublesome because they needed my personal information and other details but I was wrong. The process was simple and fast. I’m glad I had a fruitful experience with the e-scooter I picked. Although I felt that some parts of the area I had to get down from my e-scooter so I could make way for those who were walking, I was contented and glad this was worth my money and it totally made my day. I realize I could also use my e-scooter to commute to work because my workplace is near my house and to Bedok Mall because I live near the area which is close to the MRT station too. I would definitely recommend renting e-scooters to my family and friends.


Yours sincerely,



For more information, go to If you want to rent an e-scooter now, head down to Vivo City Giant Level 1. They have a booth where you need to show your identification card/passport information before renting their e-scooters. You will also learn how to operate the e-scooter and folding method. It does not take long though, so you can straight away start riding your e-scooter.

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